Stone Mechanical


Stone Mechanical, Inc. is a mechanical contracting firm that has been serving Grand Junction and the surrounding area since 1978. Stone Mechanical has extensive experience in commercial, industrial and high end residential HVAC mechanical system design and installation.  Our shop facility is approximately 8,400 sq feet.  All work is fabricated in-house.

City Metalsmith, a subsidiary of Stone Mechanical, Inc., is also the region’s most complete custom metal fabrication shop, with both precision plasma and press brake equipment to successfully complete projects relating to architectural, ornamental and custom metal work.  Commonly used metals include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc, brass, colored metals and bronze.  Our workmanship is second to none with our primary focus on high quality service, performance and customer satisfaction.


Quality, Service and Detail that Make a Difference

Fabricated Metal components include:


Key Individuals
  • William L. Stone, President
  • Founder of Stone Mechanical, William has extensive knowledge in both engineered solutions for home and commercial. Responsible for management and coordination of daily business transactions including Design, Estimating, Negotiations, and General Operations.
  • Garrick S. Stone, Vice President
  • Garrick’s interest in the business began in childhood and he has worked at Stone Mechanical since 1984, learning each business skill one at a time. His schooling at Colorado School of Mines further expanded his knowledge and the companies expertise. Garick’s goal is to provide a professional service satisfying every customer’s expectations utilizing engineering principles..
  • Sherri A. Stone, Secretary
  • Sherri brings this family business together and watches out for the everyday details of doing business. Her attention to detail and ongoing upbeat attitude are the foundation to this successful business.