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STONE MASTER KART PRODUCTS are a result of quality workmanship and innovation.  Made in the USA with a strong emphasis on ease of installation and unparalleled performance, STONE MASTER KART PRODUCTS is a division of STONE MASTER KART PRODUCTS, LLC of Grand Junction, Colorado .  Bill and Garrick Stone are founders and administrators of the company.  Both were inspired by their personal interest and involvement in karting to design and fabricate Kart components for their own use.  Karters and local race events were interested and impressed with the quality and functionality of the components.  This interest motivated them to design and manufacture their seat struts and throttle cable grippers for the Kart and Kart racing markets.  All Karters can benefit from these products – from shifters to TAG to Juniors and comers.

Should you decide to purchase STONE MASTER KART PRODUCTS for yourself, we thank you for your support.  Happy Karting!


The MASTER STRUT is a fully adjustable seat strut with 5 axis of movement allowing total adjustability for ease of installation, chassis tuning advantages and quick seat relocation.  Construction is of 6061-T6 aluminum, 1020 steel and TIG welded A36 steel.  All fasteners are Grade 5 or higher.  Billet cut aluminum and yellow zinc plating offer a trick look and corrosion protection.  Each strut is adjustable from 11″ to 16″ in length, weighs 14 ounces and comes complete  with a seat-mounting bolt, beveled alluminum seat washer, backing washer and nylon lock nut.  The MASTER STRUT can be installed faster than any other seat strut on the market.  Chassis tuning allows for rigid to loose adjustment and can provide lateral rotational movement.  Seat relocation can be performed between race sessions for fine-tuning advantages.

RETAIL PRICE $126.95 per pair plus Shipping, Handling and all applicable Sales Tax


The MASTER THROTTLE CABLE GRIPPER is the first easy mount throttle cable attachment mechanism that offers a spherical axis of motion and makes damaged throttle cables a thing of the past.  It is a precision machined component designed to grip the throttle cable and not destroy the cables integrity.  It allows you to repeatedly adjust it without breaking or deforming the cable.  Designed to attach on most throttle pedals, installation is quick and throttle cable adjustment is fast and positive.  Machined from stainless steel, this component is durable and resistant to corrosion.  All mounting hardware is included.

RETAIL PRICE $28.75 plus Shipping, Handling and all applicable Sales Tax

All prices are US Dollars